Every September there is a group of young people who experience one of the most important days of their life, graduation day. A tear of sadness, joy and happiness, and it’s not just the parents, students too. But on this day of smocks, graduating jocks and girls in high school socks, with everything in between, this day represents different things.

For the students it’s a once in a lifetime experience and for parents maybe three or four times in their life, but some people go through this year after year and this is not recognised often. The people who take the students through their paces for years, have to watch them leave on the path to their future, the teachers.

Not many people realise the connection that these men and woman have to not only the students but the hallow halls they walk down, and the stomping grounds they stomp. Teachers can spend over half of their life teaching thousands of students, this may only be on one campus. They can even teach at the school they went to where they experience puberty, middle age and retirement in the same institution.

People growing attachments is natural and every September they have to let go of the young people they have worked with every day of the last few years preparing them for the journey were the world is about to take them, even though it cost them some hair, bent the needle point on their weight scale, and maybe clogged a few arteries in their heart. But that day in September  is still an important day as year after year the walls of the class room and school desks are marked with faces of years gone past as the calendar ticks over day by day adding more memories and names to a class room with a growing roll call.