Everyday we wake up the worlds a little different, and this happens each day. We go to sleep a little different the grass is a little greener and we are a little older but we don’t notice how much has really changed. These small changes and steps add up, we now live in a world completely different too what we were born into and a lot different to 100 years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth (figuratively).

A way the world has evolved is communication, we are all now connected as if an invisible string is warped around each persons finger to the person next too them and we all walk in different places but also at the same time. An example of this is Skype its multi platform format creates a system a lot more effective than the messenger pigeons of old. Skype has opened our eyes to each other literally we can see and hear a person on the other side of the world, it has also opened the door to more control over how we can communicate as we don’t need to awkwardly bumble our way through ending a conversation we can just ignore someone with the click of a button.

Skype connects friends, family, classrooms, business men, and people in general too each other all over the world. It takes the heart break and inefficiency out of distance itself. Distance has been a fact of life for years incurably, probable, and a key concept in reality. That is now distorted, in a good way.

While the internet in general has made the world more integrated with personality and spread opinions (as pointless as some are) Skype’s video call functinality adds intimacy and emotion as it allows people too connect and makes distance feel a little bit shorter when someone you love is on the other side of the planet.