We  live in a world with laws and in the world of technology we live in a world of walls. This is a reference to the Apple corporation who have a “walled garden approach”. This aproach “protects” users from themselves controlling what they can and cannot do. This caused much controversy and discussion on the matter.

This debate went into overdrive in 2008 when google announced android along with the open handset alliance. Who take a open garden approach while opening up an unlimited world to users it also makes them vulnerable to viruses and themselves.

This begs the question of freedom versus vulnerability. when you break down the walls anything can get in when you buy an apple product you are buying your house in a gated community. Steve jobs worked as batman keeping Apple city safe from intruders with this approach.

However it limited users opportunity’s this can lead to a hyperbole comparison of comparing Apple to fascism and Android to anarchy. Both have their downsides and both have their positives .

The video below shows user generated content discussing the issue.

This video shows the debate and the online advocation for an apple orchard without walls.

I phones have the capability of a strong computer from 1999 but apple limits its power for the protection of the user much like how cyclopes uses sunglasses to cover his eyes in X-men. An android opens itself up like a black hole and lets anything good or bad come in Google does not retain control over a majority of the app markets. They give control to the user like they wish while it allows for progress it also opens up the world to super villains much like the joker there are some people that just “want to watch the world burn”.

Apples walled garden approach protects users from these people and keep the apple orchard pure. This reflects the life long question of how much control should people have, how much power is to much power, and who should have the most power. Both ideas are in themselves positive ideas they both offer a good service in a different way much like Marvel comics and DC comics.

Apple is a garden of eden without the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, it takes the choice out of our hands but do we want to have that taken away , and should Apple be playing God?