Thanks to convergent media we have entered a new world no longer is their “conventional ways” to get into entertainment. The internet has opened doors of opportunity that never even existed before.

We have gone from driving on a highway whaer we have to pay a toll to walking through a forest and go wherever we please. This has seen the walls break down between producers and consumers, and the birth of prosumers. The prosumers have forever changed the way that entertainment works they do not need approval by a recording label or publisher for there work to be seen. The world is opened up like a catalogue for consumers to choose what they want, a buffet of options without a set course.

Its made the world more open things such as diaries and personal opinions have evolved into vlogs and blogs as each person has their own portal to the rest of the world.

For example the media industry has changed in the way material can be produced for example the Simpsons over 20 years ago they were a part time skit on the Tracey Ullman show  then they went through a period of production until they premiered on network television and took the world by storm. Now prosumers do not need a network or a show to launch there creation for example

This animated short of mad mad mario has had over 3 million views and spawned various sequels and promote the creators personal channel at . As opposed to 20 years ago he is now able to create  his platform to showcase his show something that wasn’t available back then and showcases the evolution of the media mediums.

Now there is no longer a wall between the audience and the industry, there has been an entertainment revolution that has spawned youtube, social media, and a license of creativity. This touches the movie,industry, television, music industry and art it allows everyone to give to the world and removes gate keepers. It puts a gate in the walls with no more gate keepers just a welcome mat