People my age sometimes don’t realise the evolution of the world. We were born on the cusp of a technological evolution that bordered on a rebirth of the world. One of the aspects of this is trans media. This development adds depth and texture to media, giving it different outlets and creating its own universe.

There are countless examples of this such as Star Wars, Lost, Heroes, The Matrix, Ghost Busters and Buff the Vampire Slayer. These multi faceted forms of media evolve from a single format, to branching out into areas like comic books, cartoons, novels, video games, and graphic novels. This world has changed entertainment and even resurrects stores from the past. The Green Hornet for example, started as a radio serial in 1936. It has seen many adaptions, such as film serial’s in the 1940’s. A television program in the 1960’s and had seen multiple comic books since the 1940’s, but in 2011 it experienced a rebirth to main stream media with a feature film. Through trans media this series has evolved and after falling from main stream media, found a re-birth and reincarnation in a form it had experienced before. For example, this is how I found out about the character and its rich history and without the movie, I would not be referencing it right now.

Upon reflection, stories are less restricted than ever. An example of this is Batman. Starting as a comic book in the 60’s, its stories, characters and back drops have all been expanded by other forms of media, whether it be cartoons, movies, video games, or a tv show. In the tv show’s case, a lot of fans want to forget the campy extravagance of a blue clad Adam West. None the less, while the comic book is the chart and soul of the story and the journey of batman, the story is expanded by these other forms of media. For example, the character of Harley Quin is the only character to be introduced in the Batman:Animated Series and then been taken back over to the comic book and to this day she is an important character in the Batman universe appearing in video games cartoons and comic books.

This video shows the multi faceted media universe of batman as it highlights Harley Quin and the Joker. It shows an example of trans media as well as showing user generated content of the characters based on the impact of trans media

This shows the impact that trans media can have on the world. It provides a different take, gives a different tone and can produce a different sound. It reflects the evaluation of media as the trans media aspect of media expands every year. 2000 years ago the BIBLE was the BIBLE. There weren’t any different forms or different tones. Now we are in a more free flowing world and reflecting on this concept, I see that. Figuratively the world of media is an open book… but its more than that.