In the lecture this week we talked about how nerds, geeks, poind dexters, and what ever you wish to call them are now cool. Shows such as The Big Bang Theory highlight this. However I would like to take a different approach to this idea upon reflection of this week’s lecture.

Rather than the geek climbing the social ladder to be  “cool”, I think the idea of stereotypes has evolved to the point there may no longer be a cool. It is hard to define the word cool in terms of popularity, but according to the Macquarie Concise Dictionary the colloquial meaning of the word cool can mean things such as smart and up to date, attractive and excellent,and detachment and rejection of involvement. But it seems to me in the wake of a cultural revolution we’ve  lost a definite main stream to deem what is “cool” we have all splintered off into our own precise interests. While the “jock” arch type is not extinct people are less restricted to there stereotypes as not only does the internet and technology open people up to new worlds and interests but more people are embracing it which is the key.

This is why I think rather than the geek stereotype now being considered cool there is more a sense of an popularity plateauing feature to the social universe with less clear ideas of what is popular as more people seek to be unique even if they do so through conforming (hypercritical I know).

A jock can watch anime and a nerd can play soccer people do not need to define themselves to the on set of interests. The idea that geeks are now “cool” is optimism on the nerds side but rather it is no longer “uncool” to have these interests. It is not a contest anymore but rather a community. While it would be ignorant to think the world is full of roses compared the jungle of society of years passed we have built our first hut in a new community.


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