Music is as old as time. With the first recorded song being found in the Bible, but just like everything, to survive it needed to evolve. This saw it go from the finger tips of Mozart to the guitar strings of Cobain and the key board of Skrillex. This evolution not only changed the sound of music but its accessibility.

This mutation has seen the music industry grow another leg. The biggest change has been the development of being able to purchase a recorded song from analogue to digital. This concept has gone along side concerts allowing people to own a song.

Music has been defined by how it evolves in duality with technology, as music is normally the first thing a new technology is applied to. Mainly technology has affected the practice of music such as electric guitars, amplifiers, and synchronisers but now technology has affected the attainment of music. Now rather than the simple action of purchasing a cassette or a compact disc with the flavour of the month, you are presented with alternatives. You can download online or some people even download illegally from file sharing websites , and you can watch music videos online on websites such as youtube.

This video shows the evolution of music, something that thanks to the evolution of music is available:

This is just a taste of a whole new world that has been opened up to music. However this new world has come with controversy. It has added a sense of morality to music. No longer is it just a question of a good song but the way you access it is a question of ethics. For example, the phenomena of illegal downloading has developed in the last 12 years. It has seen the rise and fall of many file sharing websites and torrents such as Napster and Mini Nova. The issue is continuing today as SOPA is an issue throughout the media The Stop Online Piracy Act to expand the ability of the United States law enforcement in regards to the online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. This includes illegal file sharing of music. Many artists such as Metallica have been campaigning against file sharing, as it stealing their product. File sharing has gotten to the point that bands such as Alexis On Fire, while popular, they survive off concerts which are attended rarely by people who buy their albums.

These issues come with the new development of music, as does most things as they make progress new problems arise. With the evolution of music and the mutation of access to music comes the development of ethics and morality.