Convergent media has allowed many aspects of the world to change. It’s created many opportunities and opened several doors and one of these is citizen journalism. Now news does not need to be published in a news paper and delivered to people’s door steps at 5 am for people to get there fix of current events. The news industry isn’t completely monopolised anymore as the world is connected by a cheap and vast news source, the internet, and the development of technology such as the smart phone continues to aid citizen journalists.

Journalists reporters, and photographers cannot be everywhere but thanks to a personal phone most of them are amateur photographers. For example in 2009 a plane crashed into the Hudson River in America, within minutes of this twitter was flooded with tweets and even the first photographs of the event. This incredible speed beats anything a usual new syndicate could produce. The power of citizen journalism means nothing goes unseen.

In the mid 20th century comic book characters such as Clark Kent (superman) and Peter Parker (Spiderman) were given the disguise of reporters and photographers because it was a way to explain why they were around incidents all the time. Today such excuses aren’t necessary as a reporter is no longer superman but everyman.

While this doesn’t mean that professional news is obsolete, it even makes it more important with citizen journalism and opinion saturates. The internet professional journalism provides the world with reliability, truth, and organisation. If we only relied on citizen journalism, it would be like replacing our school books with wikipedia. While the everyman is useful, you wouldn’t want him to save you from a burning building.

With that said, news is at its strongest when all news mediums work together. Citizen journalism provides professional journalists with exclusive information and photographs from the moment which is very valuable.

While resisting the urge to make a Justice League comparison, the internet has given birth to a new breed of news. While its immediate, it can be diluted by opinion and not articulated or detailed. It provides valuable information which helps improves the work of professional journalism. The digital world of journalism has given us all capes, dare I say, I capes (pun on I pods).