I really enjoyed writing all my blog posts and at first it was hard to pick my three best posts but when I sat down and thought about it I was able to think of thee posts that stood out to me and all for different reasons. Those posts being The Novel World of Transmedia, Image of a Hero, and Geeks, Jocks, and the Rest Do They Even Exist Anymore?

Firstly I chose The Novel World of Transmedia because I really enjoyed writing this post and the end product it was really easy to write I found the concept was very applicable to examples I enjoyed writing about and the concept in general was very understandable.  I also thought this reflected the blog as a whole as its style of writing with multi media based examples and comparisons while trying to keep it unique while tying it in with the lectures and readings.

In regards to including the Image of a Hero in my best three it was a last minute inclusion. I had a hard time trying to write this post and found it the hardest of all my posts to write but in the end I think it was one of my best, and I was really happy with the original idea I used in writing it. I chose this post because I was proud of the job I did on my most difficult  topic.

Finally I included Geeks, Jocks, and the Rest Do They Even Exist Anymore? I chose this cause simply I thought it was the best while I took a different approach to this post which I thought was important overall for the quality of my blog. I felt the argumentative piece made the most important point, I felt like it was my own.

In conclusion I really enjoyed writing my blog and I will continue to post new original posts just not on the lectures, and I chose these three posts because I felt like besides being my best posts also represented my blog. They each showcased originality, quality of content and multi media which I thought were all very important on a reflection of the lectures.