There is a very good reason why Microsoft paid 8.5 billion dollars for Skype (shameless plug to my emerging technology). possession is nine tenths of the law, and copy right is the big bad wolf that stops the little piggies from copying somebody else’s creation. In our society copy right is a good thing as it encourages original content. However before copy right a lot of societies most timeless creations were envisioned  by artists such as Shakespeare, Mozart, and Beethoven.

Copy right and plagiarism are opposing forces, this can be related to star wars (copy write to Lucas ltd.) where copyright can be seen as the Jedi knights and plagiarism as the dark side. While in some circles copyright law has the popularity of JA JA Bynx  It serves to protect creativity and continue a flow of content from the producers. However the dark side (plagiarism) has pulled more and more people over to the ways of the Sith.  This includes many prosumers who have treaded the fine line between being a young Padawan and a Sith apprentice. Prosumers who create consumer generated content often break copyright law by their use of material.

In cases Plagiarism can be ver vague very vague indeed. Theres a lot of instances wear comparisons can be made to certain materials  such as the Flintstones to the honeymooners. The issue of copy right and ownership of original material was even addressed in the Simpsons in the seventh season episode “The day the Violence Died” when it was revealed that the idea of cartoon violence and itchy the mouse was stolen. This resulted in the original creator receiving an 800 billion dollar settlement.

In a more serious tone a reason behind the debate of copyright is found in the loveable face of mickey mouse. The Disney company is the main campaigner for the amount of corporate copyright to extend (120 years as of writing). This is because they don’t want there well known and profitable products to enter the public domain I.E Mickey mouse being the face of a tampon advertisement . This raises the controversy to how long someone should retain ownership of a material such as character or script etc.

Control of a product is important for both the owner and to encourage future creations. But in todays digital era it is harder to control with so much consumer generated content breaching copyright and so many platforms to do so. This asks the question we need an alternative such as creative comma?



Everyday we wake up the worlds a little different, and this happens each day. We go to sleep a little different the grass is a little greener and we are a little older but we don’t notice how much has really changed. These small changes and steps add up, we now live in a world completely different too what we were born into and a lot different to 100 years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth (figuratively).

A way the world has evolved is communication, we are all now connected as if an invisible string is warped around each persons finger to the person next too them and we all walk in different places but also at the same time. An example of this is Skype its multi platform format creates a system a lot more effective than the messenger pigeons of old. Skype has opened our eyes to each other literally we can see and hear a person on the other side of the world, it has also opened the door to more control over how we can communicate as we don’t need to awkwardly bumble our way through ending a conversation we can just ignore someone with the click of a button.

Skype connects friends, family, classrooms, business men, and people in general too each other all over the world. It takes the heart break and inefficiency out of distance itself. Distance has been a fact of life for years incurably, probable, and a key concept in reality. That is now distorted, in a good way.

While the internet in general has made the world more integrated with personality and spread opinions (as pointless as some are) Skype’s video call functinality adds intimacy and emotion as it allows people too connect and makes distance feel a little bit shorter when someone you love is on the other side of the planet.

This blog which its introduction is in about its 5th draft will discuss convergent media more precisely the merging technology of Skype. Which too me emcompesses media communication Skype embodies communication it connects us all over the world on various platforms and now is even integrated into Facebook too create face time. There is always a million and a half ways too look at something and thats what I will try too do with this blog I will try and find a perspective form a lot of different eyes, should be easy since there is now over 7 billion pairs of eyes on the planet and they all see the world in a different shade. I am going too start this with a video although this isn’t my taste of music it shows how a unique way too look at the Skype ring tone that most of readers would know…..

Every September there is a group of young people who experience one of the most important days of their life, graduation day. A tear of sadness, joy and happiness, and it’s not just the parents, students too. But on this day of smocks, graduating jocks and girls in high school socks, with everything in between, this day represents different things.

For the students it’s a once in a lifetime experience and for parents maybe three or four times in their life, but some people go through this year after year and this is not recognised often. The people who take the students through their paces for years, have to watch them leave on the path to their future, the teachers.

Not many people realise the connection that these men and woman have to not only the students but the hallow halls they walk down, and the stomping grounds they stomp. Teachers can spend over half of their life teaching thousands of students, this may only be on one campus. They can even teach at the school they went to where they experience puberty, middle age and retirement in the same institution.

People growing attachments is natural and every September they have to let go of the young people they have worked with every day of the last few years preparing them for the journey were the world is about to take them, even though it cost them some hair, bent the needle point on their weight scale, and maybe clogged a few arteries in their heart. But that day in September  is still an important day as year after year the walls of the class room and school desks are marked with faces of years gone past as the calendar ticks over day by day adding more memories and names to a class room with a growing roll call.

Many see the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a lawless, bloody, slug-fest between two men locked up in a “cage” where the winner is the one who makes it out alive where Senator John McCain once referred to it as “human cockfighting”. Well. Their all wrong. Maybe not on the bloody and slug-fest side of it though…

The UFC is the world’s fastest growing sport and sixth most popular in the USA. Originating in 1993 the UFC is a mixed martial arts feast of fighters from all around the globe specialising in ju-jitsu, muay thai, judo, karate, and wrestling, which many take years and years to perfect. The rise of the UFC can only be credited to the professional conduct of the owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White who have turned this somewhat no-rules and unorganised sport into a domineering organisation that has seen close to 150 pay-per-views that have been conducted in numerous countries including Australia, Ireland and even Abu Dhabi.

A prime example of the rapid rise of the UFC is the attraction of new sponsors such as Gatorade who is a key sponsor in the NFL. This is due to the coveted demographic of 18-35 males that the UFC have a major control over. Encouraging these advertisers is the realisation of the professional nature of UFC fighters. Previously being labelled as “thugs”, these fighters are now being recognised for their expertise gained from many years of training and dedication. Let’s take mixed martial arts legend Randy Corture for example. Randy, a five time UFC title holder has pushed his way into mainstream culture and has become a recognisable face due to his thoughtful and well-spoken and behaved nature. This has seen him land a big Hollywood movie role in The Expendables as well as being an opinion leader for exercise gear. Yes it’s coming…YOU GOTTA DOOR YOU GOTTA GYM!

The stereotype of brutality and savageness that plagues the UFC is slowly being diminished with the sport continually reaching new highs and dominating and driving the once popular sport of boxing into the ground. This is due to its versatility such as boxing elements and a ground game, the professional nature of fighters, as well as vast rules to ensure the safety of fighters and the overall competitive nature of the sport. I can provide all the reasons in the world but the proof is in the pudding where UFC 129 in April saw 55 724 people fill the Rogers Centre in Toronto to see a home grown legend known as Georges St Pierre in action.

Yeah, the UFC can still be seen as two men slugging it out for the top prize, but it sure does please millions of fans around the world and for that reason I guess it can be seen as a now socially acceptable sport. It also looks like we have a new fan “they have cleaned up the sport to the point, at least in my view, where it is not human cockfighting any more”. Ok John…

Today sees a burning economy, war in the Middle East, and a changing frontier in politics which sees an African American President of America, and a woman Prime Minister of Australia. Awareness of the changing world has never been so vital. Although the way we receive our news is changing, through technology, the way it is delivered is also shifting.


During the last ten years satire in main stream politics has become an essential part of the media. Prime time and late night talk shows are an example. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, who took over in 1999, implemented a change from comedy and comic topics to a more politically driven program. After these changes the show discovered massive success  as he took to politics with a humorous but informative manner as well as more alternative news. An example of his commercial and critical success is the prime time Emmy Awards were he won the Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program in 2001, 2003-2006, and 2009 as well as endearing the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series from 2003-2010.


the success of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which also produced a successful spin off known as the Colbert Report, has influenced the international media even on our own shores. Examples of these are the 7pm Project and Good News Week. News is still important in its straight form but there is an increasing demand for wit and satire in news, particularly politics, were satire can break news down to a more understandable concept for different social fragments of society. This is imperative for politics as it makes it increasingly more relevant.

Darius Boyd, Kade Snowden, Timana Tahu, Jammal Idris, and Ben Roberts are just a few big name athletes in the National Rugby League. At one time or another all these men have represented their country at the highest level.

Jammal Idris and Kade Snowden recently represented Australia in the mid-year test match, as would have Darius Boyd if he was not injured. Whilst veterans Tahu and Roberts are experienced players who have both tasted representative success.

The one thing all these men have in common is they have been some of the major contract signings of this season. One club players become a rare commodity in modern day sport. Many players are forced to leave due to the salary cap or are in search for a more prominent position in a team due to high levels of talent at numerous teams, such was the case of Ben Roberts. Some players also wish to return home to their regional area such as Tahu and Snowden.

The NRLs salary cap auditor Ian Schurbert created not only controversy but wide spread water cooler talk last week when he said a draft system should be considered, as used in NFL and Basketball. This asks the question if it’s right to take control from the players in relation to their contractual agreements. Schubert stated that there would have to be lucrative reasons behind it, but to what extent is it fair to take away the opportunity to represent your local team just because you come from a strong area of junior football?

Players should have control over their own futures. There have been complaints over it disrupting a team and dislocating the fans but on the other side of the coin it can revitalise a fans faith in a struggling team. The Newcastle Knights being taken over by mining magnate Nathan Tinkler has created a buzz in the town of steel. Being paupers of rugby league since their inception they can finally be on equal footing with teams in capital cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne and the Sydney based teams.

Also, a team such as the Gold Coast Titans who on average is the oldest team, player wise, in the NRL is a key part in the war between codes after the AFLs $100 million investment in establishing a club on the Gold Coast even going as far as to snare an established NRL star in Karmichael Hunt. With a draft system it would take years to revitalise the Titans team, which this year have made strategic signings in rebuilding their team with the signings of Jammal Idris, Luke Douglas, Nate Myles, and Beau Champion.

The current system is a system of freedom with sensible restraint which is needed today in the modern game. It may cause some distain ability over the initial news but  it’s a slippery slope when you try and improve a system that already works.


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